Proud, Confident, Hardworking and Punctual

So 2017 is the Year of the Rooster!

Proud, confident, hardworking and punctual is the description I read about the Rooster.  But also this Rooster is teamed with Fire and with that brings brilliance and passion.  Combine the two and this year is due to be one of wonderful outcomes and achievements.

But then I read on and discover that it won’t be such a great year for Rabbits!  In fact Rabbits and the most affected this year by the Rooster, as we are sensitive, artistic and relaxed and our health may become less than desirable in this work focused year.



So as I ponder all of this I am grateful that I have already made it my mission to look after myself in 2017. I have added four activities to my weekly fitness routine:

  • Walking – 2-4 x 4km
  • Riding – 1 x 18km
  • Swimming – 1 x 1km
  • Yoga – 2-4 sessions a week

As a Water Rabbit, I am pleased I have added the swimming!

Now that I have tackled my health, fitness and general wellbeing, I guess I can feel a bit more ready to take on this Fire Rooster year.

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