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Sustainable networks!

Sustaining relationships and friendships over time takes effort.  This weekend I am having lunch with six other women who were my friends way back in primary school and secondary school.  That’s pretty amazing, since that was a long time ago!  We don’t always see each other, and sometimes one of us may be temporarily on […]

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Oh wow, SoHo!

Even though this is not about my journey with education, ICT or leadership, it is my daughter’s journey in her creative endeavours. Last year she was cast for a part in “Wordless” a short film by Dir. Lisa Kappel, a student at Victorian College of the Arts. It was filmed locally here in Melbourne and […]

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Abbot and Costello Maths!

I am often amazed at the great things happening in schools with the use of ICT and social media.  Today I came across a wonderful clip from Abbot and Costello that was used in a class blog to stimulate discussion about the processes of maths, problem solving and right and wrong.  The responses from the […]

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Quick Response Codes

I have been learning about QR codes recently. Over the last few months they have been appearing on Twitter and in marketing but I have not really known much about them. Lack of time, a different focus, or simply filtering new information has meant I have let these little square bar codes pass me by.  […]

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Project Based Learning explained…

With all my reading at the moment about data, it is still incredibly important to me to capture the good stuff that kids can do that doesn’t necessarily become apparent through a test or a score.  Of course, if we are good at our job as educators, we certainly do not just administer a test […]

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Twitter top followers

Just for fun, I thought I would add my Twitter Top Followers for 2010 here.  Not sure how this is all worked out but this is what I got – This is an interesting list of educators and like minded people.  Many I’ve known now for quite some time whilst others are new.  Some I […]

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ULearn10 Live Blogging


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It Takes a Village

Over the last few months I have been engaged in a DEECD Innovation and Next Practice project with web conferencing – the Virtual Conference Centre. It’s been a fantastic project to be involved in. The team is small, 10 web leaders in total. We run our own PD series and also train people in using […]

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Big Day Out

Tomorrow is the Big day Out for Principals and Assistant Principals in Victorian Government Schools. This is my first time attending and am looking forward to hearing from some highly regarded educators such as Richard Elmore, Yong Zhao, and Sugata Mitra. You can see TweetPhotos here from the rehearsals today for the Big Day Out […]

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Push or Pull Professional Learning?

Q – How do we plan for professional learning and does it work? Q – What sort of Professional Learning makes the most impact on Classroom practice Educational reform As an AP with a role of Student Learning and Professional Learning, I am often linking the two and trying to work in ways that are […]

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