Meeting f2f at acec2010

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One of the most wonderful things about conferences is that you get to meet your PLN colleagues/friends f2f.  The ACEC2010 conference was no exception.  In fact it was lovely to see so many educators who I can say I ‘know’.  Years ago this certainly was not the case.  I have been attending conferences now since 2000 and building networks was always a very important part of them but the networking did not happen quite as easily.

These days connections are made before, during and after a conference.  I felt very familiar with my network, even though I may have only met them once or twice before in person.  It is the ongoing communications online that deepen the connections and provide terrific avenues for networking.

This year at ACEC2010 these were some of the educators I got to meet f2f for the first time but have now ‘known’ for quite some time –

Pam Thompson and  Lois Smethurst – Met at the LOL :-) Conference Dinner Dance  (but I think I may have met Lois before as well)

Henrietta Miller and Louise Cimetta – Came to visit my college, attended my session and generally throughout the conference

Amanda Marrinan – At the President’s Reception at the Aquarium

Ian Carmichael – Attended my 1:1 preso and PLN preso

Megan Iemma Met at the Opening Ceremony

It’s been a week since the conference and I am sure that there were more people I met for the first time and would love people to add to my list if I missed you.

One thought on “Meeting f2f at acec2010

  1. Helen,
    It was great to meet you f2f after following you on Twitter for the last couple of years! Visiting your school was one of the highlights of our journey over east and has generated a lot of positive follow-up discussion. Many thanks for all the preparation and hard work from everyone that made it such a great experience.

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