Lights … Camera … Xirrus!

A couple of months ago amid a very busy week at work, I was asked by our Xirrus contact, Peter Davison if I would be happy to be interviewed by their company representative, John Merrill from the Press dept.  I wasn’t quite sure what this would entail, but was happy to give some comments regarding our use of the wifi system which had been installed late last year. After chatting via email with both Peter and John I decided that I would go ahead and be interviewed on camera for the company.

It was quite a relaxed interview about our college, my role and the 1:1 laptop program we run in our Year 7 and 8 levels.  Thank goodness no super technical questions were asked of me, although I must admit I have picked up a lot of techie talk in the last couple of years!

If you want to check out a little about our college and how we have used the Xirrus wifi arrays check out my interview below.  Apparently it was also being shown at the Xirrus trade stand at ACEC2010 just this week!

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