ACEC2010 – A chance to network

The ACEC2010 Digital Diversity Conference is just around the corner!  I’m both excited and a little nervous.

going-to-acec2010My role with the conference is varied.  I am –

  • on the organising committee
  • a presenter
  • a panel member
  • a school tour guide
  • a delegate

So when choosing my badge for the ACEC2010, I decided to choose the badge that said it all – “I’m going to acec2010″

Over the last few weeks the excitement has been building and there are more and more educators talking about it within their PLNs on Twitter or Facebook.  It’s been wonderful for me to see so many going from my own PLN, as well as coming across a few new people that I look forward to meeting.

Conferences are a great way to share ideas, stories and experiences formally, but also informally through chats by the coffee stand, at drinks in the afternoon or the conference dinner (which btw is a planned extravaganza not to be missed). I am sure that acec2010 will open the door to an even broader network of educators for myself and others.

As well as presenting this year, I am able to take people to my own educational setting – Manor Lakes P-12/Specialist College.

Manor Lakes College website

Manor Lakes College website

I guess for me it is like inviting friends to your home for the first time.  Many of my PLN contacts have heard me speak of my experiences and challenges as an educator but have not seen my setting in person.  Well on Tuesday 6th April I have quite a few visitors!  And I am both nervous and excited to have them over. I have a lovely bunch of teachers who will also be helping on the day and for them it will be great to show off their spaces and their work with the students.

So only….countdown…to go!

5 thoughts on “ACEC2010 – A chance to network

  1. 18 months ago, at the Canberra ACEC2008 conference, I can vividly still remember the enthausiasm and dedication of the Victorian contingent who promoted so ably the upcoming ACEC2010 conference in Melbourne. As a souveneir I still have a wrist usb drive, that was given to those who registered interest in the conference. Now it is nearly upon us.
    I too, look forward to meeting my virtual and personal network face to face, sharing conversations, teaching ideas and educational philosophies. Thank you to you and your committee for all their hard work and dedication over the last three years or so and I know that it will be a great success.

  2. Congratulations Helen! I am so excited for you.
    I am also excited to be attending the Conference dinner.
    It will all go beautifully I am sure :)

  3. Thanks Anne and Tye. It’s been fun planning and preparing for the conference. Crossing fingers now that all goes well.
    So glad you booked the dinner Tye.

  4. Thanks for the positive comment you left on my blog. I will be on the school tour and I am looking forward to seeing the great work you are doing in your school. I will be at the dinner too. So here’s to a great conference.

  5. This will be my 1st time @ ACEC & I’m very much looking forward to it. Unfortunately I won’t be there on the Tuesday, although I would have loved to visit your school. I will be at the dinner though.

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