1:1 – A pedagogical view

Picture 1This year the VITTA conference was back at the Flemington Racecourse.  A beautiful venue which for me is synonymous with VITTA, so it was nice to be back.  I presented on the Tuesday on 1:1 Learning Environments – A pedagogical view.  It was a quite a good size crowd and lots of familiar faces in the audience, including Jill, Mark, Anne,and Glenn.  With so much current interest in 1:1 laptop programs, it was clear that many schools were heading down that path in 2010.  Some schools were choosing to do this, whilst were being caught up in the Digital Revolution and really felt they didn’t have a choice.

We are lucky at my college that we have made it our choice, and we offer a 1:1 Laptop Program in Years 7 and 8.  Year 8s will continue with the program from this year, whilst our 2010 intake of Year 7s will begin next year.  It is certainly an exciting time ahead, and we have learnt much in our journey.

Key for us, besides making sure the nuts and bolts of the program were right, was making sure the learning designs were well explored.  We are still moving forward in this area and believe that the technology is not just a new way of doing the “same ol’, same ol'”.

“My goal in life is to find ways in which children can use technology as a constructive medium to do things that they could not do before; to do things at a level of complexity that was not previously accessible to children”
Prof. Seymour Papert 1998

We are having our Year 7 Info night this Wednesday, so look forward to getting some feedback from our community.
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  1. Surely for most kids a synonym for “Preparing for a 1:1 environment” is “getting ready to go home after school”? :-)

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