IWBs and Ministers at Dimboola Memorial SC

Julia Gillard MP and me!

This is a photo taken on April 16th at the Dimboola Memorial Secondary College. DMSC put on a great 2 day conference to highlight their work with the Leading Schools Fund with the focus on technology in the classroom. Dimboola teachers were passionate about the use of their Interactive Whiteboards and had them set up in just about every classroom.
Here is a snapshot of how the IWBs were used –

  • Modelling lessons
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Manipulating data
  • Shared writing
  • Reflective dialogues
  • Student presentations
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Skype sessions with students from other schools

Deputy Prime Minisiter Julia Gillard was there to acknowledge their wonderful work and was available for questions, chat and photos after her speech.

Obviously I took the photo opportunity :-)

4 thoughts on “IWBs and Ministers at Dimboola Memorial SC

  1. We’ve heard about these great interactive whiteboards out here. We haven’t got any at school ourselves just yet. There’s just no money available for them.

  2. Hi Schoolspirit,
    My previous school only purchased one at the end of last year and my school before that has made the decision that it would invest in mini macs and new television monitors instead.
    I think schools need to think through the reasons for having them and make a commitment to supporting teachers in providing lessons that are truly interactive.

  3. Helen
    My school just returned a IWB that we had on loan from a representative last week. You should have heard the “outcries” of teachers and students in the hallway who witnessed the board being rolled our and shipped back.:)
    The one week was a great experiment. We are trying to find funding to purchase a few for our next school year that will start in August.
    I wrote a post on my blog about the WOW factor of the SmartBoard
    I absolutely agree with you that before a school is investing in IIWB they need to commit to support teachers with ongoing professional development. Otherwise these IIWB will be nothing more than glorified chalkboards.

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